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We recommend the following books as good sources of information about Hopi culture, arts and history.


Katsina: Commodified and Appropriated Images of Hopi Supernaturals,
Zena Pearlstone, Museum of the Univ. of California
Traditional Hopi Kachinas: A New Generation of Carvers,
Jonathan S. Day, Northland Pub. (Hardcover)
Kachinas: Spirit Beings of the Hopi,
Neil David, Sr. (Illustrator), J. Brent Ricks, Avanyu Pub.
Hopi Kachina Dolls With a Key to Their Identification,
Harold S. Colton, Univ. New Mexico Press.
Hopi Kachinas: The Complete Guide to Collecting Kachina Dolls,
Barton Wright, Northland Pub.
Clowns of the Hopi: Tradition Keepers & Delight Makers, Barton Wright, Northland Pub.
A Guide to Hopi Katsina Dolls,
Kent McManis, Rio Nuevo Pub.
Kachina Dolls : The Art of Hopi Carvers,
Helga Teiwes, Univ. AZ Press.
Hopi Kachinas: A Postcard Colleciton,
Cliff Bahnimptewa (Illustrator), Northland Pub.
Hopi Katcinas,
Jesse Walter Fewkes, Dover Pubs.
Kachinas: A Hopi Artist's Documentary,
Barton Wright, Cliff Bahnimptewa (Illustrator), Northland Pub.
Kachinas: A Selected Bibliography ,
Marcia Muth, Sunstone Press.
Art of the Hopi: Contemporary Journeys on Ancient Pathways,
Jerry D. Jacka (Photographer), Lois Essary Jacka, Northland Pub.
Beyond Tradition, Jerry & Lois Jacka, Northland Pub.
Hopi Pottery Symbols,
Alex Patterson, Alexander M. Stephen (Illustrator), Johnson Books.
Fourteen Families in Pueblo Pottery,
Rick Dillingham, Univ. New Mexico Press.
Talking With the Clay: The Art of Pueblo Pottery
Stephen Trimble, School of American Research Press.
Hopi-Tewa Pottery: 500 Artist Biographies,
Gregory Schaaf, CIAC Press.
Pottery by American Indian Women: The Legacy of Generations
Susan Peterson, Abbeville Press.
Prehistoric Hopi Pottery Designs
Jesse Walter Fewkes, Dover Pub.
Nampeyo and Her Pottery
Barbara Kramer, Univ. New Mexico Press.
The Legacy of a Master Potter: Nampeyo and Her Descendants
Mary Ellen Blair, Laurence R. Blair, Treasure Chest Pub.
Art of Clay
Lee M. Cohen, Clear Light.
Treasures of the Hopi
Theda Bassman, Northland Pub.
Hopi Silver: The History and Hallmarks of Hopi Silversmithing
Margaret Nickelson Wright, Northland Pub.
The Turquoise Trail: Native American Jewelry and Culture of the Southwest
Carol Karasik, Jeffrey Jay Foxx (Photographer), Harry N. Abrams, (Hardcover)
The Beauty of Hopi Jewelry
Theda Bassman, Kiva.
North American Indian Jewelry and Adornment
Lois Sherr Dubin, Harry N. Abrams.
Hopi Basket Weaving: Artistry in Natural Fibres,
Helga Teiwes, Univ. Arixona Press.
Modern by Tradition: American Indian Painting in the Studio Style
Bruce Bernstein, W. Jackson Rushing, Museum of New Mexico Press.
Shared Visions: Native American Painters and Sculptors in the Twentieth Century
Margaret Archuleta & Rennard Strickland (Editors), New Press.
Hopi Quilting: Stitched Traditions from an Ancient Community
Carolyn O. Davis, Allen Dart (Editor), Sanpete Pub.
The Great Southwest of the Fred Harvey Company and the Santa Fe Railway
Marta Weigle, Barbara A. Babcock (Editors), Univ. of Arizona Press.
Inventing the Southwest: The Fred Harvey Company and Native American Art
Kathleen L. Howard, Diana R. Pardue, Northland Pub.

Hopi Lives

Migration Tears: Poems About Transitions
Mike Kabotie, American Indian Studies Center.
No Turning Back: A Hopi Indian Woman's Struggle to Live in Two Worlds
Polingaysi Qoyawayma , Univ. of New Mexico Press.
Me and Mine : The Life Story of Helen Sekaquaptewa
Helen Sekaquaptewa, Louise Udall, Univ. Arizona Press.
Born a Chief: The Nineteenth Century Hopi Boyhood of Edmund Nequatewa
Edmund Nequatewa, Alfred F. Whiting, Univ. of Arizona Press.
Sun Chief: The Autobiography of a Hopi Indian
Don C. Talayesva , Yale Univ. Press.
Hopi Cookery, Juanita Tiger Kavena, Univ. Arizona Press.
Paths of Life: American Indians of the Southwest and Northern Mexico,
Thomas E. Sheridan and Nancy J. Parezo (Editors), Univ. of Arizona Press.
Hopi , Susanne Page, Jake Page, Abradale Press.
A Hopi Social History : Anthropological Perspectives on Sociocultural Persistence and Change,
Scott Rushforth, Steadman Upham, Univ. Texas Press.
Religion and Hopi Life in the Twentieth Century,
John D. Loftin, Indiana Univ. Press.
Orayvi Revisited: Social Stratification in an 'Egalitarian' Society,
Jerrold E. Levy, School of American Research Press.
Rethinking Hopi Ethnography, Peter M. Whiteley,
Smithsonian Institutiion Press. (Hardcover)

Hopi Stories

Coyote & Little Turtle:A Traditional Hopi Tale
Translated and edited by Emory Sekaquaptewa & Barbara Pepper; illustrated by Hopi children, based on a story by Herschel Talashoema, Clear Light Publishers.
Coyote & the Winnowing Birds: A Traditional Hopi Tale
Translated and edited by Emory Sekaquaptewa & Barbara Pepper; illustrated by Hopi children, based on a story by Eugene Sekaquaptewa, Clear Light Publishers.
Field Mouse Goes to War
Albert Yava, Edward A. Kennard, Fred Kabotie (Illustrator) , Kiva Pub.
The Butterfly Dance
Gerald Dawavendewa, Abbeville Press.
Spider Woman Stories: Legends of the Hopi Indians ,
G. M. Mullett, Univ. Arizona Press.
The Fourth World of the Hopis: The Epic Story of the Hopi Indians As Preserved in Their Legends and Traditions
Harold Courlander, Univ. New Mexico Press.
Hopi Ruins Legends: Kiqotutuwutsi
Michael Lomatuway'Ma (Narrator), Lorena Lomatuway'Ma, Sidney Namingha & Ivan Sidney, Univ. Nebraska Press.
Hopi Animal Tales
Michael Lomatuway'Ma (Narrator), Lorena Lomatuway'Ma, Sidney Namingha & Ekkehart Malotki (Editor), Univ. Nebraska Press.
Hopi Traditional Literature
David Leedom Shaul, Univ. New Mexico Press.

Hopi History, Architecture

Pages from Hopi History, Harry C. James, Univ. Arizona Press.
Deliberate Acts, Changing Hopi Culture Through the Oraibi Split.
Peter M. Whiteley, Univ. Arizona Press.
Hopi Dwellings: Architectural Change at Orayvi,
Catherine M. Cameron, Univ. Arizona Press.
The Prehistoric Pueblo World, A.D. 1150-1350,
Michael A. Adler (Editor), Univ. Arizona Press.
The Hopi Villages (The Ancient Province of Tusayan),
John Wesley Powell, Filter Press.

Reference Works

Hopi Dictionary/Hopíkwa Laváytutuveni A Hopi-English Dictionary of the Third Mesa Dialect
Compiled by the Hopi Dictionary Project, Univ. Arizona Press.
Hopi Dictionary, Hopi - English, English - Hopi, Grammatical Appendix ,
David P. Seaman, Northern Arizona University.
Hopi Bibliography: Comprehensive and Annotated,
W. David Laird, Univ. Arizona Press.
Concise Hopi and English Lexicon,
Roy Albert, David Leedom Shaul, John Benjamins Pub.
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